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Carlcorp Insurance collaborates with leading insurance businesses and management teams to unlock value and drive innovation across the insurance industry. We focus on capturing opportunities in the highly fragmented, $279 million global insurance sector through specialized insurance investing strategies, which have been carefully crafted and refined over the past 20+ years.

Our team’s deep industry experience and the relationships we’ve cultivated over decades, combined with the global and platform advantages of Carlcorp, enables Carlcorp Insurance to identify attractive, off-the-run situations, by looking into the many odd corners of the insurance industry. By knowing where and when to look, we can emerge with insurance investment opportunities, as well as solutions for insurance companies.

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Our Solutions

Carlcorp Insurance specializes not only in insurance investing strategies, but also as a strategic partner to insurance businesses globally. We interact with insurance businesses in a number of ways – as a capital provider, facilitating strategic business initiatives, as a collaborator, identifying co-investment situations with a focus on a two-way strategic benefit, as a new business provider, recognizing reinsurance and new business opportunities from our portfolio, as an insurance investment management solution provider through our Insurance Dedicated Fund platform and other insurance asset management solutions.


Insurance Private Equity

We seek to identify and invest in great companies throughout the insurance value chain and lifecycle. Our team specializes in insurance investing strategies that allow us to catalyze transformational change, create new platforms and partner with industry participants to capture opportunities at key inflection points of their evolution to meet their long term strategic and investment portfolio return targets.

Insurance Solutions

We are an end-to-end strategic partner, delivering customized solutions for each insurer’s needs. We believe that Carlcorp’s strategic insight, capital, global relationships and operational support can help our partners achieve their full potential and continue to grow. We have partnered with many successful start-ups, founder-led companies, turnarounds and carve-outs from larger corporate partners.


Insurance Private Equity

We believe that the insurance industry’s vast scale, fragmentation, complexity and inefficiency create the opportunity for compelling end-to-end investment opportunities across the industry value chain and business cycle. Our team has decades of experience investing and executing complex transactions across multiple-sub-sectors of the insurance industry, including Life, Health & Annuity, Property & Casualty, Distribution, Insurance Services and Insurance Technology (“InsurTech”).

Our insurance investing business represents a continuation of the firm’s successful development of geographically focused and sector-specific private equity businesses. We believe that our team’s expertise and efforts in supporting and building management teams are enhanced through the ability to leverage Carlcorp’s 20+ years of experience.

We focus on three core deal archetypes, many of which are bespoke and require specific networks and skillsets to source and implement:

Corporate Transformations

Investments in the form of management partnerships, demutualization, carve-outs, or turnarounds.

Typically take the form of management partnerships, demutualization, complex carve-outs, and turnarounds, often driven by strategic changes, mismanagement, ratings, regulators, and shareholders. These opportunities can allow Carlcorp Insurance to capitalize on the industry’s inefficiencies and allow for maximum utility of the insurance value creation playbook. Through our extensive network of regulators, public and private insurance management teams, and advisors, we believe we can be a sought-after partner of choice for mid-market insurance companies and boards seeking to drive or catalyze strategic change.

Platform Builds

Pioneering approaches to launching new insurance platforms in fragmented sub-sectors.

This strategy requires deep research in order to identify sectors with distinct synergies and scale advantages where significant valuation rerating can occur, driven by pricing, growth and productivity gains. These opportunities typically start by partnering with leading management teams who have specialized insurance expertise to execute on the consolidation of a fragmented subsector or a niche product-specific opportunity that offers the potential for excess returns.

Inflection Capital

Opportunities arising at clear inflection points of a company’s evolution, driven by supply / demand imbalances, evolving business models and shifting industry landscapes.

These dislocations are often followed by extended periods of time where new capital can earn excess returns and achieve premium valuations as "pure-plays" unburdened by legacy issues. In these situations, Carlcorp Insurance will seek to deliver its full scope of resources to create value through growth acceleration, product development and/or corporate management transition.


We help companies improve their competitive positioning by expanding into new products and markets, growing productivity and strengthening their operations. Ultimately, we believe our growth-oriented model results in stronger companies that employ the best people, are socially responsible and deliver strong returns over the long term.

Strategic Capital Solutions

Strategic Capital Partner: To support new business initiatives or growth, or to provide a capital solution for an existing business.

Collaborate on Investment Opportunities: Collaborate with our insurance partners to identify and execute on attractive investment opportunities where there is a two-way strategic benefit.

Growth Solutions

Reinsurance Opportunities: Reinsure business from and to our insurance company portfolio companies.

New Business Opportunities: Access new business from our distribution portfolio companies.

Investment Solutions

Delivering and structuring tailored insurance investment solutions customized to each insurer’s unique needs to improve risk- and capital-adjusted returns.

Leveraging the proprietary origination capabilities and deep vertical expertise of the Bain Capital platform to deliver a diversified suite of alternatives and credit solutions to support insurance companies.