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Since 2000

Carlcorp has been managing client portfolios since 2000, with sustainable investing since 2007. We have been driving innovation since day one by focusing on investment technology and values-based solutions.

Meeting our clients needs

With Carlcorp's diversified income strategy, clients can look forward to a brighter financial future, thanks to our automated investments portfolio balancing tools.

Boutique firm

A responsive team of employee-owners, small enough to provide you with tailored solutions and large enough to innovate new strategies and help you reach your goals.

Our Investment Approach

Our investment approach is based on the following five pillars:


Follow a stringent institutional approach that emphasizes consistent returns.


Quantitative approach enables systematic, data-driven decision making.


Clients benefit from solutions that combine the expertise of in-house and outsourced specialized teams.


Portfolios structured globally across different asset classes, sectors, and investment styles.


Go beyond diversification, manage risk, and create a portfolio that recalibrates to changing markets.


CarlCorp’s Diversified Income Strategy

Our D.I.S is an investment approach that focuses on diversification of our investor’s assets, automatically allocating them across multiple sectors of investments to create a diversified portfolio that provides a non-stop balanced income and growth potential, while minimizing risk to the most minimal form.

image Technology and software companies
image Healthcare
image Industrial Productions
image Finance
image Green Energy or Renewable Energy
image Real Estate
image Social media
image Consumer goods, and utilities sector of investment.

The primary benefit of the D.I.S approach is to automatically identify potentially profitable investment opportunities while completely minimizing risk to our investor’s assets. The approach was strategically designed to maintain stability and sustainability.

The primary benefit of the D.I.S approach is to automatically identify potentially profitable investment opportunities while completely minimizing risk to our investor’s assets. The approach was strategically designed to maintain stability and sustainability.

Our team developed a very innovative tool to accurately optimize our investment approach, the D.I.S AI Bot.

Carlcorp D.I.S AI Bot, which has been revolutionizing the way investors make their investment decisions! Our cutting-edge technology was designed to automatically allocate assets to the most profitable investment sector at any given time, with exceptional accuracy, through the help of our Automatic Investment Portfolio Rebalancing System (AIPRS).

Our AIPRS is a game-changer, leveraging powerful algorithms to analyze vast amounts of data in real-time, including market trends, economic indicators, and individual securities performance, to identify opportunities for portfolio optimization. By taking a data-driven approach to portfolio management, our D.I.S AI Bot can make more informed decisions and improve portfolio performance, leading to potentially higher returns for our clients.

In addition, our AIPRS provides consistent, objective analysis, reducing the potential for human error and emotional biases, and thus mitigating the risk of making suboptimal investment decisions.

Our D.I.S AI Bot is designed to learn and evolve continuously, ensuring that it is always up-to-date with the latest market trends and investment opportunities, and making adjustments to the portfolio as needed. We are excited about the possibilities that our D.I.S AI Bot brings to our clients, and we believe that it is an investment tool that will help our clients achieve their investment goals with greater ease and confidence. With our state-of-the-art technology, clients invest with peace of mind, knowing that they have a reliable and sophisticated investment management tool working hard for them around the clock.

Building better financial outcomes


The Carlcorp approach provides advisers with five critical drivers of success: control, transparency, consistency, flexibility and scalability.

Actively managing diversification, risk control with forward looking intelligence.
Building better financial outcomes


Consistently applying a transparent, disciplined investment process.

Adapt to changing risks in the global capital market.

The Four Quadrants

Carlcorp offers performance-oriented impact investing across all four quadrants of sustainable investing. We are a one-stop shop with a full array of debt and equity offerings in both public and private markets. In addition to offering proprietary stock strategies, we partner selectively with sustainable investing specialists who complement our capabilities. In this way, we offer clients diversified access across a full range of socially responsible investing opportunities.

Layers of Impact

Creating a sustainable investment portfolio is a multi-dimensional process. At the core level, we view opportunities through an ESG investing (Environmental, Social, & Governance) lens, refining the portfolio to invest in companies managing ESG risks and opportunities well relative to peers.

Inherent in doing so, we avoid/divest from companies whose products and services are harmful to people and the planet — think tobacco, weapons or fossil fuels.

Next, we seek to invest in companies whose products and services offer solutions to our greatest sustainability challenges — think renewable energy and sustainable agriculture.

Finally, we engage with our portfolio companies to improve their ESG performance in service of better investment outcomes.


Investing in Solutions

We invest in companies that promote Healthy Communities, Economic Opportunity, and Environmental Sustainability. In doing this, we are guided by the United Nation's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's).