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Activate investor capital toward solutions for people and planet.


Transform finance to require human, community, and environmental well-being as essential for financial success

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Our Values


Foster client success

Everything we do is directed towards client success. We listen to client needs and aspirations, tailor and execute a strategy unique to their situation, guiding them on their ever-evolving journey.


Drive innovation

Driving innovation since day one by advancing investment technology and values-based solutions. In a rapidly changing world, we deploy cutting edge research and strategies to enhance client performance.


Create impact

We impact our clients by building a vision, while aligning their portfolio and values. As a result, we achieve their financial goals and make a positive difference for our planet.

Our investment Philosophy

At Carlcorp, we know you value a portfolio that is tailored to your needs. Our securities are selected by specialist teams who have in-depth expertise in each asset class and deliver proven results. We take a global view and employ dynamic asset allocation.

We believe that geographical diversification helps reduce portfolio risk and expose you to the best opportunities. Did you know that Canada represents less than 5% of the world’s stock markets? That’s why we believe that maintaining a wide perspective is essential to success.

To expand your portfolio globally, we invest in leading companies in each region. For instance, Canada has some of the top banks, while the US is strong in technology, and Europe is known for its pharmaceuticals. This approach also helps reduce risk.

Ultimately, the most important thing is that your holdings are positioned to meet your objectives. We ensure this by gaining a deep understanding of your goals and designing a customized strategy. To deliver the best results, we are always looking for innovative ways to strengthen our technology, data analysis, and investment process.

Experience matters

When you hire Carlcorp, you benefit from the insights, wisdom and judgment that only experience can bring. You will receive counsel and service from one of our portfolio managers, each of whom brings more than 10 years of investment knowledge to the table. By navigating large portfolios through multiple market cycles, we’ve gained a valuable perspective that allows us to deliver prudent money management.

Unbiased advice

As an independently-owned business, Carlcorp is proud to be one of the few investment management companies not owned by a major bank. This significantly reduces conflicts of interest. Our fees are based on assets under management; therefore, our success is tied to your asset growth.

Your money is secure

At Carlcorp, when we act as your manager, we never hold any of your cash or securities. We always hold your savings and investments in trust, safeguarded by an independent custodian, such as RBC Investor & Treasury Services. RBC I&TS is among the top 10 global custodians in the world and is the leading provider of investor services in Canada.

Continuous innovation

We are at the forefront of investment innovation. We are driven by a desire to find better ways to serve our clients. We focus on developing new ideas rather than limiting ourselves to conventional thinking.

We started as a global manager enabled by a scalable data-driven process. Even though ESG (Environment Social and Governance) is popular today, Carlcorp was one of the first to incorporate it in the investment management process about 14 years ago. Almost 10 years ago, we created a research-based asset allocation software to assist with aligning clients’ portfolios.

How we Started

Where challenges ...

Climate change is the biggest threat currently facing our world. But what if we had the tools to drive lasting, sustainable change?

Innovation is key to addressing the biggest challenges in our societies, but all too often, we see technology compromised or stalled due to a lack of financial support. Even with sufficient investment capital available in the world, there is a shortage of financing for this type of innovation – and regular failures in the market for sustainable technologies mean there is a mismatch between demand and the supply of capital. That’s where we come in.

... meet solutions

We envision a world where financing is no longer a barrier to driving social and environmental changes, but an accelerator.

The founders of Carlcorp were driven by one mission: to bridge the financing gap for impact. After spotting the market failures in the field of sustainable investments and social housing, they set up Carlcorp, to ensure that every investment is made with impact in mind.


We understand the pitfalls

We have 20 years’ field experience, so we understand well how to balance risk and return in the two complex landscapes of climate and finance. Because you need to know where things go wrong if you want to make sure they go right.

We see opportunity where others don’t

It’s who we are and what we do. We bridge the financing gap for climate action. We accelerate an inclusive sustainability transition by making pioneering technologies financeable.

We believe in innovation through collaboration

Together we can do so much. By working as a team, we develop exciting new solutions to every challenge. We build strong, strategic partnerships to make a bigger impact. Together, we shape a better world.


We envision a world where financing is no longer a barrier

but an accelerator for achieving positieve societal transition


At Carlcorp, through decisive and resourceful teamwork, we finance what others don’t, and what is vital to accelerate positive climate action.


Actions speak louder than words


Difficult is a no-brainer, impossible takes a while


Teamwork makes the dream work